Flesh Wound

Ghost in the attic, please won’t you stay. Your silhouette softens more day by day. Apparition in the attic, Don’t go today; lie with me in good company and help me welcome the day. Phantom in the attic, Hide-and-seek is what you play. You’re feeling less social more and more each and every day. Spirit… Continue reading Flesh Wound


Misunderstood Insanity by Nicho’lle!

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I don’t mean to feel this anxious. All I want to do is want to live. Why is it so hard to just allow myself to take up space?

TW: self-harm, substance abuse, abortion!

Misunderstood Insanity by Nicho’lle is a collection of writings by the author that includes poetry and diary entries as she tells the story of her journey battling grief, self-harm, substance use, hyper sexuality etc. It’s a very difficult book to read, because with every chapter I just wanted to go in and give her a hug and tell her it will all be okay. I cannot and will not try to fathom what the author has gone through because when I finished the book the weight in my heart told me enough. I cried the night I was reading this book because it was raw and real!
But, there’s always a light at the end of…

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Words to live by:

-Words to live by: Happiness cannot be relied upon by anybody but yourself. Another person can’t fix what is going on in your head, they can only help quiet the pain. In order to be happy, you have to be at peace with your own mind. You have to love your body and mind and… Continue reading Words to live by: