Quotes you’ll love

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com


“Your opinions were loud enough for the both of us

That I eventually forgot the sound of my own voice”

“My mind needs to come

with a warning sign


Like we had when we were ten

On our bedroom doors

To keep our parents

Out from the secret

World you fell deep into”

“Flickering lights catch my eyes

I dont know what I’m doing anymore

Seems like all I have to do is try

To form a compromise

With my self-centered mind”

“Nobody loves a pessimist,

But everyone loves

So generously

Its tough not to be a catalyst

For destruction

If your mind is

Constantly corrupting

and obstructing


I miss someone who is still alive and I hate someone who is dead. “

Shouldn’t I be grateful for what I have?

Should something non-existent take up as much existence in my existence?

Should the existing someone receive more existence in the existing person’s life?

“Be happy

Be true

Be free

Be you”

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