Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

A sweet innocent smile

that welcomes you into a room.

words spoken so certainly,

she could only have you assume.

Confident in her gestures

Hides the lack of confidence in herself.

Built a wall to protect her

She would never show and tell.

Her past formed her this way.

On her knees she prays everyday

angels will descent and take her away;

Up and out of this place.

Feels like a liar and a disgrace.

If she could turn back time and erase everything she supressed

She would.

Everyone says shes depressed,

How could

I get them to see,

the other side of me?

The internal agony

and lonesome vacancy.

Everything about me is false.

I have fooled you all!

But, there are things about me

real as leaves changing in the Fall.

My brown eyes tell a story;

But no one takes the time

to stare far enough into them

to see what all I hide.

You can see the hurt and pain,

You can see the guilt and shame.

You can see the love and rage.

You can see I’m bruised and braised.

You can see abandonment and worry,

You can see my vision is blury

You can see I’m on a lost journey.

You can see my mistakes; But I’m learning!

One day I’ll be true

And I can forget the muse.

To explain why I do the things I do.

One day I’ll be true

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