I spend so much time writing about all the negative emotions and focusing on hardships that I deal with, so…I would like to dedicate an entry to positivity and progress.

Hopefully each day I can come up with something inspiring, whether it is a step I’ve made towards recovery, a beautifully artistic love flowing poem, or some creative story my mind would like to tell you to distract the impulsive urges from the ID and Super-ego.

I am sure there will be days I struggle to find some sort of light but on those days I will at least try to come up with something I am grateful for or i will reflect on a time I had succeeded.

I believe that through words comes emotion, conscious or unconscious; these writings of optimism can improve one’s mindset if continuously practiced. The mind is constantly craving new information to be learned and hungry for new challenges.

The best way to overcome a pessimistic thought pattern is to replace it with a new way of thinking. Your mind is extremely intelligent and capable of tricking or manipulating but you can still outsmart it by being aware.

From this day forward, remove all negative thoughts by replacing them with positive affirmations. Be aware of the manipulations your mind will try to convince you, as this will be significant role to a healthy mindset.

The more you repeat a phrase (eg. I am intelligent, beautiful and a unique individual worthy of a fufilling life) or write down an accomplishment or voice an opinion, the more apt your mind is to eventually believing and eliminating the lies it told you previously.

My goal?

How can I make my day meaningful?

I would like to forfeit all thoughts of low self-worth and hatred towards the world.

After all, it was my own mind who landed me through the hoops and obstacles in the first place. The world didnt get in the way of me, I got in the way of the world.

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