Self care ideas

I have recently been asked what self-care means. In a few words i will explain this.

What fills your cup in the morning? What keeps your mind busy and leaves you satisfied? If you do not know, here are some ideas:

1. Go for a walk. Go to the park and walk the trails. Bring your dog or dont, you will feel a connection to your real “home”

2. Try a craft. Paint a door, draw a new cartoon character, or redecorate your house. Keeping your mind busy with something creative leaves a feeling of accomplishment.

3. Self-soothe. Take a bath or shower and describe the feeling of the water running down your body. What does the soap feel like while washing away the negative from the day. Mindfulness and clearing your thoughts with new present ones will ease the uneasiness.

4. Call a friend. Stimulate your brain eith emotional support from your favorite person. If you havent talked in awhile, then you will have plenty of time to distract yourself.

5. Write. This should be number 1. Without a doubt, writing feelings down instead of creating a behavior saves you from even more guilt or negative emotion.

Today is for you. Take care of yourself the same way you take care of your kids, husband, girlfriend, mother, dog,car,front lawn, whatever we really care about. If you start to treat yourself, you can learn to love yourself.

Love and rage


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