If you love yourself, read this

I want to share with yall a super short story about a girl.

There was a shy girl. Her mom died. Her dad left. Her mom came back. Her dad died. Her brother left. Her other brother is confused too. Her grandmas sweet but doesnt understand her.she has 1 or 2 friends and a sister who she never sees. She sees her 1 or 2 friend maybe once every other month. She got into hurting herself. She would cut away her flaws as to why they all left her. She tried drugs. She hated drugs, it didny give her the same high as cutting herself. She tried sex but it made her feel dirty because of all the times she was raped . She tried throwing up her food, tried alcohol, even tried writing a book they said would go no where because of how depressing and negative it was. This girl felt like she was worthless. Until one day, she stopped feeling sorry for herself and sought help. She started feeling better. She applied for a job and she enrolled back in school. She wrote her life story for strangers and puts herself out there each day with what she writes but she doesnt care. She is finding herself and she has found herself. She loves openly and keeps her guards up. She was the smartest most beautiful girl I have ever known.

Love and rage


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