Hear My Cry/ Her Reply

A psychopath.

I hear your cry,

A sociopath.

I see your lies.

A mind trap.

I’m not blind.

A fiend.

To your games.


Take my hand,


I understand.


Let’s make a plan


To end all of your pain.

Always decieving.

Never achieving

what I’m percieving.

I don’t know.

What do I want?

Let down your guard.

I’m so distraught.

Reveal your scars

Will I ever be caught?

That you have carved.

I’ll continue the show.

This one can be your last.

Help me end

I’m here for you

And make amends

In all you do.

To what I pretend

I’ll cherish you.

To be.

The past is in the past

Unravel the truth

Let the light shine through

And I’ll start over new.

I need to be free.


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