Game time

The thoughts today are stranded and intertwined at the same time.. they mix and they fall apart like Thanksgiving Turkey off of a bone.

Staying in your lane when your mind is telling you to give up is the number 1 reason peoples dreams die. Mine are being resurrected at the moment.

I’d like to believe one day I can put the words in order to say I love you but everytime I grab my end, your end loops into mine and dangles there. You dont pull your weight. Just your heavy words I carry on my back in between the beautiful similes and up roaring metaphors.

The fields dust grits through my teeth and I cough just enough to manage phlegm escaping my lungs. Nights like these I want to drink in order to tolerate the ants on mound. Working ants. Each holding a position of their own to their home team. Pathetic it is so monotonous.

Sunflower seeds spew and

The sun

Laying so gently across the field

Settles the dirt and grit in

Between my teeth.

Strike one,

You watch it hit the plate.

Fair ball to 3rd

Safe on 1st but

Your man is down at 3.


Dont ignore me

Like you did when you were busy

With the xbox and

I took the controller and snatched it

Out of your hands

For you to tell me

You need alone time.

When is my time?

When am I relevant?

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