I followed you down to the river

my hand in yours

innocently inttertwined

your heard beating right through mine.

You stopped where the lake met the land

and i fantasized about what this moment was going to be like.


But your thirst for thrill

sent chills down my spine

when your hand collided

with my breast,

and yes I was captivated.

You moved so quick

i could not speak

a lick

and you wanted me down there.

It was silent I will admit

but It was cold

and I was cold without your jacket

you wanted me to jack it off

until you came

into my mouth

but i saw through the game.

I bit the mushroom tip

of your incompetent dick

and you told me

i was too forceful.

You called again,

but the other line

i stayed silent for some time

and then hung up.

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