I looked a few times last night and this morning. Not to scroll but to answer to the people who wanted to keep in contact with me. Everyone else YOU ARE OFFICIALLY CUT OFF. If you dont know any of my personal info than we may no longer ever need each others assistance anymore. Have a good life.

I am pretty bored. I have no car to drive at the moment. All I can do is sit here and type, in the same exact spot for 5 1/2 hours until I can get a car to leave. I am sure I will take my boys for a walk to get out of the house at least. I’ll also probably take a walk to gather thoughts as well.

I started my research paper last night on existentialism. While at the same time running this blog, deleting my old self and starting over at this new thing. I would really love to become a writer. I need no distraction from people who are negative toward me anyways. I still dont think people are trustworthy. Last weekend was proof.

For now Im going to make lunch. Stay positive today because I am already struggling to stay motivated. I will preach it until I die. SELF CARE SAVES LIVES.

Love and Rage


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