Ready for a time out

she said to me,

as the Revital began to drip

repetitively through the bluish

cord inside my body.




The lights turned off

and in my mind,

I could recall nothing.

Like a spreadsheet on the table

laid out for all to see,

I nervously faded into the dark unknown.

For all the electricity

entering through me

I could power up the government that

has been dead for centuries

but I still believe in changes.

A shock so potent

But I don’t know it

because the Revital has me past hazy

and this is supposed to help the “crazy”

and I can’t stop this, but maybe

I won’t wake up.

Another wave of positively charged ions

escape through my brain

and beams

ever so forcefully to the center

where my core resides.

Waking up is the worst part

when all you want to do is part

ways with the depression

and say goodbye.

Until next time,

this was round 6 out of 9

Only 3 more lightening strikes to the mind.

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