sharing again


A sweet innocent smile
that welcomes you into a room.
words spoken so certainly,
she could only have you assume.
Confident in her gestures
Hides the lack of confidence in herself.
Built a wall to protect her
She would never show and tell.

Her past formed her this way.
On her knees she prays everyday
angels will descent and take her away;
Up and out of this place.
Feels like a liar and a disgrace.

If she could turn back time she would.
Everyone says she’s depressed. How could,
I get them to see,
the other side of me?
The internal agony
and lonesome vacancy.

Everything about me is false.
I have fooled you all!
But, there are things about me
real as leaves changing in the Fall.
My brown eyes tell a story;
But no one takes the time
to stare far enough into them
to see what all…

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