Untitled Thoughts

FUCKING BUSY. Haven’t felt this busy since before my dad died and I was working 70 hours a week. Now, I am only part time but taking that initial step back into the world is harder than you think. It is having to readjust your life because you were absent from school for a few days. Or work. I am readjusting and even though it feels awkward and uncomfortable, I am stable and I am acting like an adult again. Was I not before? Or was I just acting like someone who went through a trauma and had to fight the terrible serration in my brain like one would fight the flu, or Mono. Something like that.

Bear with me while I gather myself. I am still fragile and still being repaired. It doesn’t come easy, I FUCKING VOUCH FOR THAT. My body is settling back into place and my chameleon personality is coming back out to hunt. It smells blood and it is thirsty for success.

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