Beautiful Souls

Special people come into our lives daily if we can lower our guards and allow them to enter. Not many people in this world would be labled as a beautiful soul. Beautiful souls are people who lift you up without even talking to you. They enter a room and instantly the fog lifts and a light starts shining; but, once they do actually start to speak to you, a beam shoots through your heart and lights it on fire. You being to crave their attention. Your thoughts start to become more positive and a motivation youve never had before kicks in and suddenlt life starts to make sense.

Beautiful souls dont even know they are so precious. Usually, they are the most fragile-hearted, which makes them so capable of empathy, and the best part of having a connection with somebody is feeling understood by them. These people bring out the best in you ahd show you uour worth. Not because theyre good at it but because they genuinly vare and want to see you succeed.

I see a beautiful soul every day. They have no idea I have labled them as one but I want every beautiful soul to know how special they are. Maybe I could gather all the souls and collect them in a jar like lighteninng bugs. A beautiful shining light I can keep in my pocket like a beacon towards life.

You are all beautiful souls. You have a light that shine so much brighter than most. A universal understanding of all aspects of the emotional spectrum. Each one of you have a light that others want to see. Your light might need some new batteries but it is still there. It might be a little dimmer thaan what it wass in the past but it still shines. Use your light to create a forve that draws other lights in. When we all come together and shine our lights, we can burn brighter than the sun. Youre not alone. There are others who care and want to help keep your light shining. Let them in. Be willing to accept. You are never alone. Let the light shine through. Let it loose, let it beam.

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