Words to live by:

-Words to live by:

Happiness cannot be relied upon by anybody but yourself. Another person can’t fix what is going on in your head, they can only help quiet the pain. In order to be happy, you have to be at peace with your own mind. You have to love your body and mind and you have to be okay with things the way they are. If you don’t love yourself, then you can’t love somebody else with your full potential. Your partner will never see the “real” YOU. You will be partially hiding your best self from them.

To obtain and achieve happiness you must first get in tune with your deepest thoughts, feelings and self. You need to learn to identify them and be comfortable with them. You will need to let go of what others think. They are only opinions from one persons perspective and not facts. Let go of what you think others are thinking, for you are more than likely wrong anyway. Meditate. Be mindful. Notice what is and accept what are. Stay in the now. The past is in the past and the future can play out in ways we would never expect. The only thing guaranteed is the now.

Love with your whole heart. Be open-minded. All is naturally good until it turns bad. Don’t let your future rot by not taking care of the now. Express yourself. Always be genuine. Smile, even when you don’t feel like it. Make love. Walk with your head up so you don’t miss out on anything. Say, “I love you” as much as you can. Try new things. Taste new foods and visit new places. See the world.

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