Misunderstood Insanity by Nicho’lle!

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I don’t mean to feel this anxious. All I want to do is want to live. Why is it so hard to just allow myself to take up space?

TW: self-harm, substance abuse, abortion!

Misunderstood Insanity by Nicho’lle is a collection of writings by the author that includes poetry and diary entries as she tells the story of her journey battling grief, self-harm, substance use, hyper sexuality etc. It’s a very difficult book to read, because with every chapter I just wanted to go in and give her a hug and tell her it will all be okay. I cannot and will not try to fathom what the author has gone through because when I finished the book the weight in my heart told me enough. I cried the night I was reading this book because it was raw and real!
But, there’s always a light at the end of…

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