Loving you was

as effortless

as you not loving me.

Did you ecpect

me to devote

and respect

your every desire

as a “devoted” partner?

No woman (or man)

should have to subdue

to someone else’s

point of view.

Keeping yourself

and giving up half of yourself

Isn’t easy.

Believe me,

When I say

You’ll lose part of yourself

Along the way

But each day you surrender

You extend their invitation

To use you more and more.

We are not whores…

You are just completely driven

By the wild beast

Lurking to feast

Off of innocence and vulnerability.

Your ID is prominent

Overshadowing your incompetent


In a psychological gauntlet

For victory over the Ego.

An Ego is shaped

From past experiences

And trauma.

Molded and shaped

Over and over again.

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