Paint it Red

It has been exactly 4 months since the last time I encountered you and let you persuade me into ruining my forearms. This is the longest i have gone without seeing you in 5 years. I can feel the blood under my skin flowing throughout my body. I want to empty it so bad but… Continue reading Paint it Red


Ready for a time out she said to me, as the Revital began to drip repetitively through the bluish cord inside my body. Ten... Nine... Eight... The lights turned off and in my mind, I could recall nothing. Like a spreadsheet on the table laid out for all to see, I nervously faded into the… Continue reading EcT

Bondage I've been tied down for years now Not in a sense where it is mutual and understanding But more so like a slave bowing down To his master. The relationship is dark. It is sadistic. Everyday he latches shackles on my ankles, not basic handcuffs Instead, he insists I am weighted down by His… Continue reading Bondage