Light Up

Photo by Yash Lucid on It's cold as hell as I sit out at this lake. This used to be my spot. The spot where I created my most sincere and darkest poems. I used to keep a journal out hereon my daily struggle. From 2013-2016, 4 years, I had wrote my thoughts and… Continue reading Light Up


Photo by Engin Akyurt on A sweet innocent smile that welcomes you into a room. words spoken so certainly, she could only have you assume. Confident in her gestures Hides the lack of confidence in herself. Built a wall to protect her She would never show and tell. Her past formed her this way.… Continue reading Two-Faced

Quotes you’ll love

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pain "Your opinions were loud enough for the both of us That I eventually forgot the sound of my own voice" "My mind needs to come with a warning sign "KEEP OUT" Like we had when we were ten On our bedroom doors To keep our parents Out from… Continue reading Quotes you’ll love