Have you ever wanted something so badly? Like an itch you can't scratch. A craving so sweet, My teeth jump in my mouth for excitement. A high an user feels when that medication runs through your veins and portrays An alternate universe; where Your thoughts can rest on a wave and crash away from the… Continue reading Impulses

I miss You and I am coping, self-harm.

Its been a long time. Its been a long time since I have seen you my friend. My sharp-straight-edged little friend. I have missed you just as much as I miss my father. You were there for me when he was absent. Holding you in between my thumb and pointer fingers, I just miss having… Continue reading I miss You and I am coping, self-harm.

Light Up

Photo by Yash Lucid on It's cold as hell as I sit out at this lake. This used to be my spot. The spot where I created my most sincere and darkest poems. I used to keep a journal out hereon my daily struggle. From 2013-2016, 4 years, I had wrote my thoughts and… Continue reading Light Up

Hell Invading

Photo by Skitterphoto on ......Enough about my day to day routine. Lets talk about these urges. No I have not used. It has been about 2 or 2 1/2 months since the last time I put that white powder in my nostrils. I never really felt like I had to keep doing it but… Continue reading Hell Invading

With a Slash of the Wrist

I didn't cut today, despite the urges. No, instead I forced myself to think differently.The feeling of wanting to self mutilate can be compared to that of having an itch but not being able to scratch it. That sounds cliche' but most of the people who will be reading this haven't dabbled into taking a… Continue reading With a Slash of the Wrist