Up goes the regret and the guilt Through the passage My sense of smell; Built up And the taste potently powdered in sheep’s Fleece. Appearing small but mighty, Fighting the skeletons I’ve dressed in Suppression. Questioning that fine line Like a chalked silhouette At a crime scene. Pure emptiness Resets itself And I am tempted… Continue reading Drip


Have you ever wanted something so badly? Like an itch you can't scratch. A craving so sweet, My teeth jump in my mouth for excitement. A high an user feels when that medication runs through your veins and portrays An alternate universe; where Your thoughts can rest on a wave and crash away from the… Continue reading Impulses


I've been purging. I haven't done this in a very long time. I feel lethargic, confused about the world, distrusting and very absent minded. The purging has gotten to the point that it has replaced my self harm with this demon that is slicing pieces of the inside of my throat off . It feels… Continue reading Purge

Self Harm you didnt know was Self Harm

Photo by it's me neosiam on Pexels.com I realize I hurt myself over and over again. It is literally SOMETHING every day to help me either pass out and forget the world or get up and going and have fun. I cant seem to find the correct balance in life or at least I cant… Continue reading Self Harm you didnt know was Self Harm

The Sex Diaries

5 "I'm not proud of" moments Hi, I am a whore. I know I discuss horrible sex situations I have been exposed to and included in, so now I want to give you a different perspective. I am going to put myself into the perpetrator position for the next 10 minutes of your time. I… Continue reading The Sex Diaries