Close but no Cigar

Photo by Irina Iriser on Sit at the lake and write. Writing is the only thing that makes sense anymore. I can't tell anyone how I feel because they don't either care or really listen and if they are listening they try to make you feel better and it is good intentions on their… Continue reading Close but no Cigar

Self Harm you didnt know was Self Harm

Photo by it's me neosiam on I realize I hurt myself over and over again. It is literally SOMETHING every day to help me either pass out and forget the world or get up and going and have fun. I cant seem to find the correct balance in life or at least I cant… Continue reading Self Harm you didnt know was Self Harm

Jump Starting a Brain in ECT

Photo by on "Ready for a time out?" She could faintly hear him talking into his recorder."Now relax your arm and start counting backwards from ten", the nurse said as she began to inject her veins with the Brevital and Succinylcholine. Her symptoms had been worsening for quite some time. This was one… Continue reading Jump Starting a Brain in ECT

My Abortion Story

#mybodymychoice All this talk on abortion and laws passing prohibiting a woman from having one triggers flashbacks like you wouldn't believe. If it wasn't for the available option here in Illinois, I would have been forced to carry a fetus to full term inside of MY 17 year old body. Under 18. The body of… Continue reading My Abortion Story