Last Call

“Cheers,” she says as she lowers her glass toward hell. “Cheers to an Honest Abe.”             I shift my eyes in her direction as I watch her lift the tiny glass a few inches from the floor up to her pale lips. Bailey has been this way ever since the truth came out twelve season… Continue reading Last Call

Bad Choices for the Neighbor

Photo by Pixabay on Her heart pounded as she fell to her knees trying to catch her breath. "Please don't leave me" she begged. She had just gotten caught by her boyfriend that she was texting another guy and trying to meet up with him. "I promise nobody else is going, it is just… Continue reading Bad Choices for the Neighbor

Jump Starting a Brain in ECT

Photo by on "Ready for a time out?" She could faintly hear him talking into his recorder."Now relax your arm and start counting backwards from ten", the nurse said as she began to inject her veins with the Brevital and Succinylcholine. Her symptoms had been worsening for quite some time. This was one… Continue reading Jump Starting a Brain in ECT

White Walls

Photo by Henry & Co. on The doors to 5A open and the white lights blind my eyes. My eyes are drawn to the white—white walls, white floors, and white ceilings. Men and women in long white coats scurry from one room to the next to pick apart brains and ensure stability. Screams escape… Continue reading White Walls

Triple Homicide

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on I didn't exactly want to die. I didn't know how to control the other two people inside of me anymore. It was hard work walking around being a different entity day to day. I was professionally told I was normal, that it was all in my head and I… Continue reading Triple Homicide